Wally is a seating system characte- rized by a classic-modern spirit that develops through the wide modulari- ty dictated by the numerous elemen- ts that are part of the collection. This makes it possible to create compo- sitions with a transversal character, which are inserted with measured elegance in areas of different taste. Wally is available in two versions with smooth elements or embellished with elegant longitudinal seams, Wally Line, which enrich the image and hi- ghlight the sartorial quality of this model.

Wally represents the quintessence of our sartorial ability, inherent quality in every product made by the company. The parti- cular stitching that finishes the Wally Line seating system, denote a refined taste and they are made possible thanks to a high degree of craftsmanship that combines excellence on the technical level and fine knowledge of tradition.

Manual skills and creative inspiration give life to products of the highest quality, who- se value is enhanced by the use of the wide range of fine fabrics combined with inno- vative materials such as Technological Nabuk or in combination with our Brando leather, a precious and natural material characterized by an extraordinary soft- ness to the touch and evident grain.